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Project details

JuJx.io is a new generation trading platform. Buy and sell tokens. Fully independent and decentralized platform on a smart contract. The issue of site tokens (JJX) is directly provided by the Ethereum (ETH). Graphs and price calculator token presented on the site. The project is completely transparent - complete documentation and open codes with independent audits from industry leaders.

The contract creates a new token only with reservation due to the ETH - the main currency of the platform. This reservation approach creates a “network of liquidity”, because tokens can be changed to ETH instantly and without restrictions. Such operations are carried out using mathematical formulas developed by the economist John Keynes and kindly modified by the Bancor network. The key point here is the instantaneous and absolute liquidity of the token without restrictions on the volume and the search for counterparties. In the future, within the framework of the platform there may be an unlimited number of tokens and coins working on the principle of collateral, with different mathematical settings.

Any platform participant can see how much a token will cost for any number of emissions. If someone wants to make a sale, he sends the coin to a smart contract that burns it and transfers the ETH. Want to buy? Send ETH, knowing in advance the price at which you will get tokens. This is predictability, which is now not available anywhere: either on the exchanges, even with market makers, or in private exchangers. At JuJx, everything is controlled by mathematical formulas developed by leading economists and Nobel laureates over the past 70 years.

How does it work

Project benefits


Security System

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with arbitration

Step-by-step manual

  • 01. Install MetaMask

    You need to follow the link to the extension page.
    Click on the "INSTALL" button and then "Install extension".

  • 02. Register wallet in the network Ethereum

    After installing the extension, click on the MetaMask icon (fox head) in the upper right corner.
    Create a password for your account and click "CREATE".

  • 03.Replenish the Ethereum wallet

    Through the exchange or other service you need to replenish your wallet ETH
    Use only proven services to avoid loss of funds.

  • 04. Go to your wallet.jujx.io account

    The button is located in the upper right corner of the site.
    Sign up is not required in order to log in.

  • 05. Buy JJX tokens

    Indicate how much ETH you can to spend on the purchase of JJX tokens.
    Pay transaction. When the transaction is confirmed, you will receive JJX tokens.

  • 06. Get profit

    The price of JJX grows with each new token purchased and decreases with each sold one
    Profit from trade and dividends

    JJX price is measured in GWEI
    When purchase, the price of the next JJX token is growing by 10 GWEI.
    When selling, the price of the next JJX token is reduced by 10 GWEI.

    Our team wishes you a good profit!

  • 2018

    (4Q 2018)

    Platform Launch 1.0

    (4Q 2018)

    Trading Bot

  • 2019

    (1Q 2019)

    Issue on new tokens JJX05 and JJX10

    (2Q 2019)


    (3Q 2019)

    Platform update
    to 2.0 version

    (4Q 2019)

    for tokens

  • 2020

    (1Q 2020)

    Fiat Gateway
    for Balance

    (2Q 2020)


    (4Q 2020)

    App for
    IOS & Android

JJX Token Distribution

JJX purchase


of the purchase are distributed on:


Among all holders of JJX tokens.


3-level affiliate program.


Platform fee

JJX sell


from the sale are distributed among all holders of tokens jjx


Platform Commission in Tokens

Referral 3%


of personally invited


of 2nd level referrals


of 3rd level referrals

All active accounts participate in the affiliate program (there is at least 1 JJX token)

Referral payments you get directly to your ETH address

Risk Warning

IMPORTANT: the purchase / sale of platform tokens, as well as any operations in the cryptocurrency market are fraught with the risk of loss of funds! Do not use the platform for trading if you are under the age of majority under the laws of your country, do not participate with borrowed funds and amounts that you are not ready to lose. If operations and work of this platform are prohibited in your country - close the site and do not use this resource.